INTERVIEW 12.27.2017

Value the relationships among
people Leather accessories critical to the CEO life.

Drake’s Limited CEO, Mr. Jonathan Jui
INTERVIEW 11.17.2017

Time to brighten up a busy life.
Items to support the stylist’s daily routine.

Koto Clothing representative/stylist, Mr. Shogo Hesaka
INTERVIEW 10.27.2017

Things that change and those unchanging.
Masterpieces the creative director loves.

BEAMS creative director, Mr. Tatsuya Nakamura
INTERVIEW 09.13.2017

Essentials for a globe-trotting designer
Contents for his day-to-day blog

representative of Archive & Style, Mr. Masahiko Sakata
INTERVIEW 07.31.2017

Connoisseur sundries buyer has the fun of
“creating one’s self” with British Style

DELFONICS retail product development manager/buyer, Ms. Maki Hasegawa
INTERVIEW 06.16.2017

Long loved by creative directors
English-style handed down from old

Drake’s Limited creative director, Mr. Michael Hill
INTERVIEW 05.18.2017

Buyer’s aesthetic sense comes to life:
Worthy masterpieces and travel companions

freelance buyer, Ms. Chikako Asanuma
INTERVIEW 03.30.2017

An illustrator living artfully with
beautiful things that age gracefully

illustrator, Mr. Akira Sorimachi