Glenroyal is a manufacturer of hand-crafted leather goods located in Ayrshire in the southwest of Scotland.

Glen means valley in Gaelic, and royal, of course, pertains to the king or queen’s household.

This land, blessed with the bounties of nature,
is backdrop to a culture in which horses are still a part of everyday life.
It is a place where an enduring history, refinement, and honesty is interwoven with the pride of
an industrious people with a keen eye for what is authentic and true.
We combined the two words, glen and royal, encompassing these key
attributes of Scottish identity, to name our company Glenroyal.
We have made it our tradition at Glenroyal to craft products in the time-honoured British way.
Since our company was founded, Glenroyal craftsman have been keeping dying traditions alive
and contributing to a resurgence of British craftsmanship.

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These are also the attributes of Glenroyal bridle leather, our primary material.
Believed to originate in the British Isles, hides from full-grown cattle raised in lush
Scottish pastures undergo pit tanning with vegetable extracts to make a thoroughly pliable leather
before beeswax and beef tallow are worked in by hand in a traditional process Glenroyal still uses today.
The sewing techniques Glenroyal developed over many years of OEM production are renowned in Scotland
for being granted a Royal Warrant, and today Glenroyal products continue to be meticulously
sewn together by the skilled hands of our 25 craftsmen.

Take any one of our superlative products into your hands and experience the feel of Glenroyal for yourself.

Contemporary designs evoking a classic era are subtly adapted to modern use,
with trim polished surfaces conveying solidity and pleasing the eye with their rich lustre.
Our care in selection extends to the thread, hooks, fasteners and every single fitting we attach to our leather.
We have every reason to never compromise on our quality as we know our loyal customers
who continue to love and appreciate using our products would accept nothing less than the finest workmanship.
Our uncompromising determination to only make the very best leather goods is the hallmark of Glenroyal.
We believe Scotland may be the only place where you can see
the high-quality craftsmanship this tradition embodies.