INTERVIEW 11.28.2019

A functional satchel bag for a florist on the go.

Entertainment Florist at "tsuki+", Yukari Fukuhara
INTERVIEW 11.28.2019

A functional wallet that fits the lifestyle of a mode advisor

Mode advisor of Kindware Head store, Eiji Nishihara
INTERVIEW 09.03.2018

The belt of a photographer deeply
impressed by British sensibilities.

Photographer/Food stylist, Mio Matsuzawa
INTERVIEW 06.28.2018

The collection of a vintage bookstore owner
with a penchant for Glenroyal

Tweed Books owner, Katsumi Hosokawa
INTERVIEW 06.27.2018

A bellows type wallet with strap
that captivated a managing director.

Head of Passage UK, Noriko Imaeda
INTERVIEW 05.20.2018

A custom Glenroyal item
made by the owner of a bookstore.

Head of Morioka Books, Yoshiyuki Morioka
INTERVIEW 05.31.2018

A perfectly-sized bifold wallet
sought by the owner of a British shoemaker.

Joseph Cheaney Joint Managing Director, William Church