Make reading a habit through the fun of aging



Most people who ride the trains these days are probably fiddling with their smartphones. Their reasons for doing so can vary from browsing SNS, playing games or reading the news. This behaviour isn’t unique to Japan, either-being glued to smartphones on the train is a worldwide phenomena. However, in London the number of people who read books or e-books apparently outnumbers those playing with their phones. The British have always been avid readers whose favourite way to while away idle time is to crack open a book.
What’s more, while people say physical books no longer sell today, there are many people in the UK who give people books as Christmas presents. When the holidays draw near, bookstores put up showy decorations and make a real occasion of it. In fact, the UK is the biggest exporter of books in the world, so the circumstances of bookselling there are quite different than they are here in Japan.


Glenroyal’s book covers come in two sizes: paperback and pocket size. There are also plenty of colour variations, so we recommend purchasing several so you can switch them out for different genres of reading material. There are worse habits than keeping a book with cover tucked away in your bag at all times so you can read whenever you have a free moment like the British do. Even those who don’t read that regularly may find themselves in the mood to pick up a book after getting hold of one of these covers.


Paperback/ H 16.5 × W 24(cm)
Pocket size/ H 18.5 × W 26(cm)
Dark Blue, Aubergine, Turquoise, Cigar, Hunter Green, Oxford Tan, New Black, Gold, Bordeaux, Bottle Green, Grey