A bridle leather card case that transforms over time



Did you know that some front doors open outwards while some open inwards? Most homes in Japan have outward opening doors. This is because of the custom of removing shoes when entering a home here. Shoes left in the entryway would block an inward-opening door. In the West, however, it’s common for doors to open inward. This is mainly for safety reasons, since it’s easier to prevent intruders from entering the home if you can throw your body weight against the door to hold it closed. Inward-opening doors are also safer during floods due to heavy downpours. If there is a large amount of water outside, and outward-opening door could potentially be held shut by the water pressure, something an inward-opening door avoids. That’s why we are seeing more homes built with such doors as a measure against natural disasters.
A home’s entryway is its face. In a similar fashion, a businessperson’s face is their card. Great importance is placed on exchanging business cards in Japan, but this is not so much the case in the UK, where in some cases people don’t do it at all. That said, there are instances where, towards the end of negotiations, parties might exchange cards if it is deemed necessary to conducting future business. It’s common practice at such times to place any cards received in one’s shirt or jacket pocket. These practices highlight some of the differences in business card culture.


The thing is, even in the UK people are particular about the paper quality of their business cards, with well-made holders also preferred. Glenroyal’s card case has a slim, simple design that also boasts a dual-layer structure that makes it easy to keep its contents organised. It also has a 1cm wedge that allows it to hold up to 35 cards. There is no item more suitable for bridle leather and the way it grows more flavourful and glossy each time its owner’s career gets a boost.


H 6.4 × W 11 × D 1(cm)
Bridle / Oxford Tan, Bordeaux, Bottle Green, Cigar, Dark Blue, Grey, New Black
Lakeland Bridle / Dark Blue, Bordeaux, Bottle Green, New Black