A “stirrup” design that draws inspiration from horse tack



Stirrups are some of the implements used in horseback riding. They are where the rider places their feet when astride the horse in order to maintain their position. It’s easy to see how essential they are, but the truth is that stirrups didn’t come into being until after the saddle and bit. Until the invention of the stirrup, people rode by using their thighs to clamp down onto the torso of the horse.
Stirrups were born in ancient China, spreading to Japan in the 5th century and then Europe in the 8th century. Until stirrups arrived on the scene, horses weren’t used in war so much as in the hauling of burdens. Stirrups allowed riders to stand while astride their steed, which in turn made it possible for knights to charge their foes. The birth of the stirrup represented a turning point in how horses were used.


This stirrup belt is modelled after the same leather piece that hangs down connecting a riding stirrup to the saddle. The height of stirrups are adjusted for the riding style, so the leather used with them has several holes and numbers engraved into it. The design of belt here is nearly identical. The buckle is made of the same parts used in horse tack, so it will take on a more stately look with repeated use. This belt is of just the right size to be paired with a wide range of clothing styles.


(Full length) (Width) (West) ※cm
28inch/86.0  2.9 66.0~76.0
30inch/91.0  2.9 71.0~81.0
32inch/96.0  2.9 76.0~86.0
34inch/101.0 2.9 81.0~91.0
36inch/106.0 2.9 86.0~96.0
Cigar, New Black, Oxford Tan, Dark Blue