A special size just right for stowing stationery



Next Saturday is White Day. Has everyone decided how they’re going to show their thanks? England and the other nations of the West don’t celebrate White Day, as it happens. To put it more precisely, the name “White Day” is a unique appellation born in Japan. According to the official White Day website operated by the All-Nihon Kashi Association, the holiday was created in 1978 with the aim of bolstering candy sales. This is surprisingly different from the origin of Valentine’s Day, which is meant to commemorate the Christian saint Valentinus, but all the same we recommend celebrating this romantic day in a light manner by sending a message card.


It’s customary in the UK to send cards on all holidays, not just Valentine’s Day. This stationary organizer is sure to come in handy on such occasions. It’s designed to be large enough to hold all the paper items like cards, memo pads or small notebooks, as well as even small electronics like an iPad mini. There is also a pen holder so that you can write cards or notes on the go. Though it seems like there should be more items in this size, nothing else gets it quite this perfect.


H 24.7 × W 17 × D 2(cm)
Bridle / Cigar, Dark Blue, Oxford Tan, New Black
Lakeland Bridle / New Black, Cigar, Dark Blue