“The impression of a leather specialist”
The trusted round zippered wallet of a manager

Ms. Nicky Santomauro, Lavenham Managing Director

A hardy zippered wallet, perfect for a tough personality

Founded in the UK in 1969, Lavenham is beloved around the world for its iconic quilted jackets. Current CEO Nicky Santomauro has experienced the wonders of craftsmanship first-hand from a young age thanks to the influence of her father, who preceded her in her position. Possessed of an exceptional eye for beauty as she is, just what is it that draws Ms. Santomauro to Glenroyal products?

A career that began in marketing.

━Did you know you wanted to work at Lavenham eventually when you were younger?

My father, the former CEO, was a successful proprietor, so I learned things watching over his shoulder ever since I was small. That may have had something to do with my desire to go into the business world. I studied economics in university, so this is where I picked up my knowledge of marketing and the like.


I joined Lavenham when I was 24. At first, I was assigned to the marketing department, and now I serve as managing director. Aside from managing, my duties include product checking and having a hand in every other aspect of the company.

Days spent in bountiful nature.

━What do you do during your off-time?

The Lavenham workshop is located in a small town by name of Sudbury in the English county of Suffolk. The surroundings are very beautiful and full of nature, so in between work I always take my dogs out for walks. That’s one bit of fun I have during my busy day-to-day.

As for something more recent, I’ve been running marathons. At the end of March this year I’ll be taking on my first half-marathon competition, but I’m a little worried about whether I’ll be able to run the whole course or not (laughs).


Seen as an aficionado’s brand in the UK.

━How did you discover Glenroyal products?

I had always known about the brand, and had seen it in stores even when I would visit Japan. This wallet has been a favourite of mine for four years now. The wallet I had at that time was starting to get a bit tattered, and I happened to come across this one when I decided it was time to get a replacement. I’ve been using it ever since.


Glenroyal is well-known in Japan, but the truth is that in the UK it’s considered a bit of an “aficionado's brand”. So, it isn’t so much that many people are familiar with as just those people who are in the know, somewhat like leather specialists. Glenroyal is a reliable brand that people who are on the lookout for good accessories recognise.


Similar to Lavenham items.

━What do you like about this wallet?

I have a rough personality, so I’m always stuffing my wallets full of coins and cards (laughs). I like that this wallet is durable and does not break at all despite this. It’s becoming really beautiful as time passes, even though it doesn’t get that much maintenance, which I think comes down to the good quality of the material.


What I like about this wallet is that, just like with our jackets at Lavenham, the craftsmanship is solid, so you can get a lot of use out of it even without that much care. I think it’s very similar to Lavenham as it’s functional, tough, and possesses a solid background.

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A preference for specialty brands.

━It seems that people in the UK favour items that can withstand a lot of usage. Do you have any things you have been using for many years?

Some people purchase cheap products that they replace again and again, I prefer goods that are pricey but can be used for quite some time. For instance, I have been using this Montblanc pen regularly ever since receiving it as a present on my 40th birthday. Perhaps I’m attracted to specialty brands because I myself work at a factory label. If the history of the craftsmanship is solid then it’s easier to place trust in them. We hope to grow Lavenham even more into an example of this sort of brand!


Nicky Santomauro

Nicky Santomauro, Lavenham Managing Director

Nicky Santomauro, Lavenham Managing Director

Nicky Santomauro

Nicky Santomauro built her knowledge of economics and marketing during her time in university before joining her current workplace at Lavenham when she was 24. After working in the marketing department, she followed in her father's footsteps to serve as the current managing director. Nicky’s style is wearing a Lavenham vest layered with a jacket.

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